The specialized International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, organized for the first time in 1937, has been a member of the International Fair Union (UFI, Paris) since 1957 and has long tradition of an active intermediary in the market - by organizing presentations of technical – technological achievements and creating opportunities for meeting of the interested specialists and businessmen during the Fair days – who will apply these achievements and enrich them, in order to achieve the best economic results.
The exhibiting is carried out through international exhibitions and commodity groups, which saves time of visitors and enables a comparison of the displayed exhibit advantages and extends the opportunity to the exhibitors to achieve their desired marketing objectives.
A wide accompanying business and professional programme is already a traditional supplement to the exhibiting. The exchange of knowledge and experience, the promotion of new programmes and products, are already traditional May STEP INTO THE FUTURE.
Specially conceived days of individual exhibitors of businessmen groups, as regarding their marketing, along with B2B meetings, press conferences, video and film projections, appropriate cocktail parties and similar – in the rooms intended for such purpose at Belgrade Fair – are also a traditional way of using the Fair days for development of lively business activities.




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